1" Crappie-Blue Gill-Perch Grubs
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New 1" Grubs for Crappie-Blue Gill-Perch and other species. Offered in 25 different colors. Try them for ICE Fishing too! There are 20 grubs per bag. Use them with our small Ball/Round heads 1/64oz, 1/32oz, 1/16oz. Works very good using 4 pound line with a 1/64oz head. The lure falls so slowly that fish can't resist. A BB split shot can be added about 10" up the line above the 1/64oz head to help cast easier. This also gives a little different action to the grub.


  • Item #: CBP
  • Manufacturer: Slider

1" Crappie-Blue Gill-Perch Grubs

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