Lew's Spinning Reel 

  Walley Marshall Signature Series


*Bearings: 5+1 - Weight: 6.7 oz. - Line Capacity: 120/8 - Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 - Inches Per Turn: 24"


*Lightweight graphite body & new skeletal rotor design

*Double anodized aluminum spool with gold accent lines

*Strong and balanced wire aluminum bail

*Thin, compact gear box

*Quality six-bearing system

*Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing

*Collapsible handle adjusts for right or left hand retrieve 





 Charlie Brewer, Jr., Caroline Brewer-Calton, and Wally Marshall (aka Mr. Crappie) at the 2017 Grizzly Jigs Spring Show.



  • Item #: wsp100

Lew's Wally Marshallâ„¢ Signature Series Spinning Reel WSP100

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