CSGF36 Funky Monkey Shine  1 1/2" Crappie Grub
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  • 1 1/"2" soft grub body with a vibra-tail.....just enough action to attract the fish!!
  • Tail moves while the grub is swimming. 
  • Grub can be used on all the sizes of the Crappie Slider Heads. Also, it can be used with other jig heads.   
  • Grub has been proven to catch fish while casting, trolling, or vertical jigging.  
  • Original design by Charlie Brewer from the mid 1970s and has proven to be a very good lure for crappie and panfish.  A lot of bass have been caught on this lure too. 
  •  15 grubs per pack. 



Other riggings can be with slip sinker, or just plain hook under a bobber.  The lure can be cast using spin cast equipment, trolled, or vertical jigged. Just enough tail action to attract fish.


Rigging Open Hook Video



Rigging Weedless Crappie Head Video



**Double-Lite Wire Hooks are available on Weedless Crappie Head and on the Ball Head.  This hook is needle sharp  thin wire. Tends to straighten out when hung up using 4lb line. Just be careful and play the fish.  Remember this is a very lite wire hook.  Great for use around limbs, stumps, rocks, etc. 



  • Item #: CSGF36 Funky Monkey Shine

CSGF36 Funky Monkey Shine 1 1/2" Crappie Grub

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