SBGF250; Mardi Gras; 3" Grub
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3" Bass Grub

  • Vibra-Tail causes an irresistible tail wiggle that attracts fish
  • Grub can be fished weedless or open hook. 
  • This is the average size of bait fish obsereved in fish after years of cleaning fish. 
  • Proven lure for Bass, Walleye, Sauger, and Stripers. Great for Speckled Trout and other Salt Water fish too!
  • This is a Soft Plastic lure.  
  • Good grub to troll....has been used in trolling for large Crappie too. 
  • 13 per bag.





  • Item #: SBGF250 Mardi Gras

SBGF250; Mardi Gras; 3" Grub

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