CK1000 Crappie/PanFish Grub Kit
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CK1000 Crappie/PanFish Grub Kit

Original Charlie Brewer Crappie Slider Grubs. Over 1000 soft plastic grubs and 34 different colors. Soft 1 1/2" grubs with a vibra tail action that imitates a minnow swimming. Proven to catch Crappie, Blue Gill, and even Bass through out the country. Used in crappie tournaments. Great for casting, trolling, or vertical jigging. See for more over all information.


Good for PanFish & Bass too...........very good overall lures


                     Good Fishing!

                                 Charlie Brewer

  • Item #: CK1000
  • Manufacturer: Slider

CK1000 Crappie/PanFish Grub Kit

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