Slider Worm Black SW1
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Original 4" Slider  "Do-Nothing"  "Finesse" Worm Designed by Charlie Brewer ...Black was Charlie's favorite color for rivers.The Slider worm along with the original Flat Sided Slider Head was simple and called the Slider. This worm and head developed in the 1960's as a tool to be used in fishing Slider Techniques. A quote from Charlie to one of his friends "This is the Famous Slider...simple aint it! But deadly when used right". The worm Slides through the water with little or no extra action imitating nature just Do-Nothing extra, go slow and easy (finesse). Quote from many fishermen heard over the years: "When it gets Tough--Go to a Slider". There are 18 per bag.  


Smallmouth..Largemouth..                 Spotted Bass




  • Original 4" Slider Worm: Charlie Brewer Original Design
  • Item #: SWF817-18CT
  • Manufacturer: Charlie Brewer
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SWF817Quantity20

4" Slider Worm Green Pumpkin / Vanilla Tail SWF817-18 count

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