Whirly Bee RED SHAD WL1639
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Whirly Bee

The Whirly Bee features the original flat Slider Head, size 2  bronze hook, and tough grub body. This lure is excellent for all type of game fish...Bass, Crappie, Perch, Trout, Northern Pike, White Bass (Stripe), and especially Smallmouth Bass. The overall length is 2 1/2". The weight is approximately .13oz or a little over 1/8 oz. Recommended for fishing with 4, 6 or 8 pound line.  The Whirly Bee can also be trolled. One Whirly Bee per pack.  SMALLMOUTH BASS, CRAPPIE....


Whirly Bee Component Kit Catalog #HK4 can be bought seperately...



  • Item #: WL1639
  • Manufacturer: Slider
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: WL1639

Whirly Bee RED SHAD WL1639

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