Pro Whirly Bee BLACK W1081-PRG
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Pro Whirly Bee

Has a size 1 Daiichi Red Bleeding Hook, and Ball Bearing Swivel. The lure is about 61.5% heavier then the original Whirly Bee. The weight is .21 oz, close to 1/4oz. The over all length is 2 5/16". The lure can be cast further and runs smoother with less hang ups. There is one lure per pack. Lure tested and approved by Charlie Brewer Jr. This lure is great for Smallmouth Bass. The number one color sold for smallmouth bass is purple glitter.



  • Item #: W1081-PRG
  • Manufacturer: Slider
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: W1081-PRG

Pro Whirly Bee BLACK W1081-PRG

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