Crappie Slider Weedless TOMATO Chartreuse/Red Core CS89
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These Crappie Sliders are rigged with a specially designed hook and head. The head offers Texas rigging which allows the lure to be weedless. The lure can be fished in heavy cover. Remember for best results keep the hook buried into the grub and generally the lighter the weight used the better. Four or six pound test line is recommended with spin cast equipment and just one lure. Some fishermen also troll the lure. The lure is also very effective on smallmouth bass, perch, and many salt water species. There are two rigged crappie sliders per pack and two spare grubs. The Head wieght is approximately 1/16oz

Short Video on HOW-To Rig Weedless:


*NOTE:   Can Make Crappie Slider with any color 1 1/2" CSG Grub..CALL US

  • Item #: CS89
  • Manufacturer: Slider

Crappie Slider Weedless TOMATO Chartreuse/Red Core CS89

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