Original Flat Slider Head SH..18 per pack
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Original Flat Slider Heads

designed by Charlie Brewer.   Lite wire  Bronze Hook, Head painted Black , offered in 3 Hook sizes and 3 weights, weights vary some..great for Bass Fishing and the smaller head is good for Crappie and Perch too..  There are 18 per pack.

#SH116 Black, 1/16, size 2 Hook,  1 1/4" Long

#SH18 Black, 1/8, 2/0 Hook Size, 1 5/8" Long

#SH14 Black, 1/4, 4/0 Hook size, 2" Long



  • Item #: SH 18 per pack
  • Manufacturer: Charlie Brewer's Slider Company
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SH

Original Flat Slider Head SH..18 per pack

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