Nutter Head (Little Pig) SLPR-Nutter 15 per pack
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Nutter Heads (Little Pig)

 size 4 hook, 1" Long Double Lite Hook Needle Sharp Wire for Crappie, Blue Gill, and other PanFish.  The hook will straighten out in most cases when hung and then be retrieved.  The hook can be bent back into shape with your fingers or a small needle nose pliers. This head to be use to rig small grubs weedless. The heads come in 8 and 15 per pack.  Nutter Head also know as Little Pig

1/32oz, Red, size 4 Hook, #SLPR32

1/32oz, Chartreuse, size 4 Hook, #SLPC32

1/32oz, Black, size 4 Hook, #SLPB32

1/32oz, Un-Painted, size 4 Hook, #SLP32

1/16oz, Red, size 4 Hook, #SLPR16

1/16oz, Chartreuse, size 4 Hook, SLPC16

1/16oz, Black, size 4 Hook, SLPB16

1/16oz, Un-Painted, size 4 Hook, SLP16



  • Item #: SLRP Nutter 15 pack
  • Manufacturer: Slider
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SLP

Nutter Head (Little Pig) SLPR-Nutter 15 per pack

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