Slider 4'9" Fishing ROD Reel Seat; CAMO; Rod#5
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 Fishing Rod

Slider 4'9": Fishing Rod; IM7 Graphite;Medium Lite Action; Moderate Fast Action Tip; 4lb-12lb recommended; All Rods have a Hook keeper;  Cork with Reel Seat Handle; CAMO Color; One Piece, weight 5.44oz; 7 ceramic guides plus tip


*Recommend using Spin Cast Reel

* These Rods are not "Whippy"

Warranty:  2 Year Replacement if broken during normal use for $24.95 if Rods are still available  Remember these rods are Lite Action and not made for heavy handling.  Fight the fish down and lift fish onto land or into the boat with a dip net or by using your hand.   Good Fishing!



Price includes shipping.





Reel Sold Sperately

* Charlie Brewer's Slider Company pays 10% Federal Excise Tax on this Rod in addition to other Taxes. 

 * IMPORTED  Built to our Specifications 




  • Item #: Rod#5 4'9" Camo Reel Seat

Slider 4'9" Fishing ROD Reel Seat; CAMO; Rod#5

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