Crappie Special!!!
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1 pack of Charlie Brewer's Crappie Slider 1 1/2" grub in Junebug Chartreuse Tail (18 count), 1 pack of 1/16 ounce Slider Needle Sharp Double Lite Hooks (8 count, unpainted), and a Crappie sticker!  No substitutes in colors please.


March 2016:  Charlie, Jr. just had one of his best days crappie fishing that he could remember. He and "Cooie" Browning fished Lake Martin, Alabama in water temps between 58 and 61. They fished pockets with some trash. The best places had wind blowing into them..hard to control the boat but better fishing. The water was not muddy but not clear either...just right! He and Cooie were using 4lb line with 1/16oz Needle Sharp Double Lite Slider Heads. These are very thin size 4 hooks. When hung they can easily be retrieved by pulling the line. Then just straighten out the hook, bend back with fingers, and keep fishing.   Junebug with Chartreuse Tail was the favorite grub of the day.  


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Crappie Special!!!

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